PTFE tube tubular heating element

3.PTFE tube tubular heating element

● Fluoroplastic introduction

Fluoroplastics is divided into: a, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); two, perfluoroalkoxy resin (PFA, commonly known as fusible Teflon); Third, FEP (FEP, commonly known as F46) .

● Teflon (TEFLON) electric heater design points

1, the use of metal electric tube jacket made of fluoroplastic control, resistant to corrosion, applicable to all types of corrosive liquid heating, the tube material is divided into 304 tubes, 10 # steel, Di tube help.

2, ultra-low surface power design (1.6 ~ 2W / cm2), to ensure that the product life of 18 months.

3, electric heater (heating pipe) installation, the location should be taken to prevent the solid solution deposited in the heater fluoroplastic surface, resulting in poor surface of the fluorine plastic tube heat, leading to overheating, and burn the heater.

4, according to the need to choose whether or not equipped with overheat protection, to ensure that the heat pipe life and equipment safety, the structure of various forms, such as W-type, L-type, U-type, mosquito coils, and more U-shaped, Into and so on.

(1), can provide 12V to 440 V, single power 1KW ~ 10KW, or combined power 3KW ~ 30KW.

(2), with fully enclosed junction box.

(3), according to the requirements with thermal protection and temperature control system.

(4), all sizes of electric heater can be customized according to the user's level in the dissolver.


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